Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Restroom Etiquette cont'd...

Restroom etiquette, a topic that knows no bounds. This just in, from the front lines.... better yet, from the Heartland of America. My very own nephew has become an unwitting victim, in what is turning out to be an epidemic in American society. Yes, that band of unkempt Neanderthals has struck again. Not only was said nephew a victim, but he was shat upon by his very own neighbor. Let's call him neighbor X. Neighbor X stopped by, under the auspices of borrowing some movies. Neighbor X has a history of borrowing movies, so there wasn't any real cause for alarm. However, when Neighbor X asked to use the restroom, a cloud of suspicion fell over him. Although leery, my dear nephew decided to grant him access to the coveted throne. Needless to say, when Neighbor X exited the sanctuary, he no longer had a cloud of suspicion cast over him. Neighbor X left the cloud and a whole lot more behind. In essence, he sank my dear nephew's battleship!

To be sure, there is some humour in this. However, I am beginning to believe, that what I once thought was my own paranoia about the social decay of society, is not paranoia at all.

Flatulent Fuzz

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Terry Morris said...

Given a few details which I won't divulge, this is probably the funniest (I'd have to put a little more thought to it) post I have personally ever read!