Friday, July 24, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, from birth, the goal of any free- thinking, capable citizen should be independence. Independence, in the sense that we can help ourselves with or without the government, as we know it. On some level, we should yearn to think, learn, live and experience for ourselves. As we mature, our need for independence and to be independent should only get stronger. Throughout our lives, we should continue to nurture and develop our sense of independence. Not in the sense that we don't need anyone, but in the sense that we don't have to rely on an overbearing central government. We need to be able to rely on one another. Especially family, friends and neighbors.

The concern, at least from where I stand, is that that spirit of independence does not seem to extend itself beyond a superficial level. For a lot of us (correct me if I'm wrong), it seems that independence doesn't extend beyond getting out from under our parent's thumb. We graduate high school, go to college (hopefully) and get married and have a couple of kids. Whether or not we consciously think it, at least subconsciously, we have attained some level of independence. Not that there is anything wrong with that accomplishment. The problem is, we achieve that level of independence and we cease to nurture and further develop a true sense of independence. In the mean time, we fall victim to a serious dependence on the state/federal government.

This once great nation of ours was founded through a spirit of independence. Imagine where we might be if those independent spirits that sought to found this nation had been satisfied with merely leaving England. They could have just as easily left England and been satisfied with that achievement. However, they sought to do more. They wanted to exist beyond and independently of the British Crown. We have become satisfied with the status quo. We sit idly by and take whatever the government gives us. In the meantime, the government continues to take and take and take. They take our money. They take our rights and independence (slowly but surely). Ultimately, they are taking this country away from its rightful owners. Each and every citizen of these United States should want and be able to exist independently of our government.

Hold your elected officials accountable for their every action or lack there of. Regardless of whether or not you voted for them, they work for you. Let your voice be heard and let them know that you are watching them and holding them accountable. Most importantly VOTE. Support candidates that will represent the interests of the people that they represent. The two major parties rely on the fact that no one believes an independent can get elected. In addition to that, the Donkeys and Elephants make it difficult for independents to get on the ballot in many states. This ensures that there is no real threat to the status quo. Neither party is interested in bringing about real change. They are only interested in making sure that they are the party in power.

If nothing else, make certain that you are capable of surviving on a day-to-day basis, in the event that there should ever be a government collapse. I know this might seem a little extreme. However, do you really want to leave your well being in the hands of United States Government?

Flatulent Fuzz

Monday, July 20, 2009


I recently read an article, about a collaboration between Texas Instruments and the University of Texas at Dallas. Some engineering students, at the university, needed to come up with a project. Ultimately, the project was inspired by the number of news stories ,that surface every summer, about infants/toddlers being left in vehicles and dying from the heat.

As a close friend of mine is so fond of saying, you cannot engineer around stupid. I am all for inventions that make our lives safer and easier, for that matter. And, I am certainly not a heartless person. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a child. However, we need reminders to remind us of trivial things. Like say, that we have left our keys in the ignition. Or, that we have left the car lights on. Obviously, if you frequent this blog,you know that some people could use a reminder to practice good personal hygiene. But, that's another song. Do we seriously have to be reminded that we have a child in the car?

I take nothing away from the students at U.T.D or the management at TI. I believe that their hearts are in the right place.

However, here is what I would suggest. In lieu of a reminder, they could engineer a reliable test that would determine whether or not people are fit to be parents. Doesn't it make more sense to eliminate the problem ahead of time? Why react to a problem, when you can be proactive and avoid the problem all together.

Flatulent Fuzz

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I will do my best to keep this from becoming a profanity laced diatribe. Quite frankly, I am madder than Hell! Fighting mad, one might say. I am not going to get in to specifics. Let's just say, that a real P.O.S has perpetrated a dastardly (and cowardly) act against a family member.

If I am being honest, I would like to stomp a hole in his posterior (keeping it clean just for you Mom and because I don't want to present myself as a complete Neanderthal). For the record, I am not a proponent of physical violence. However, it seems like violence is the only thing that some people understand (Uh Oh.. That Neanderthal is trying to surface again). As bad as I want to put a serious hurting on this degenerate, I will contain myself. And, I think that only adds fuel to the fire. Why should I be civilized? Why shouldn't I go out and beat him over the head? For the record, those are rhetorical questions. I know the answers. However, at this point in time, I do not like those answers. In fact, I would like to give those answers a beating.

It's times like these, that make me long for the days of the Old West. A little frontier justice, perhaps!

Look Mom, I did it. No salty language!

Flatulent Fuzz

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cars, Cell Phones and Kids

When did it become automatic that a sixteen year old gets his/her very own car? And, why do many people seem to think that their children (not just teenagers, I've seen 10 and 11 year old kids with them) need cell phones?

Driving is not a right. It is, in fact, a privilege. From my point of view, privileges have to be earned. Before you can jump in to your very own ride, you have to pay your dues. And those dues are paid, by driving Mom and Dad's car for a couple of years and proving that you can be a responsible driver. Right?

Driving is not a joke and it certainly isn't something to be taken for granted or taken lightly. Irresponsible driving can have serious consequences. We are, after all, talking about something that weighs in at a show stopping 2000 pounds. Dare I say, that that has the capability of ruining somebodies day.

Cell phones, on the other hand, is just common sense. Although, they often resemble it. They are not ,in fact, toys. What business does a 10 or 11 year old boy or girl have with a cell phone? I can't really think of a reason that a teenager needs one either. But, at 10 or 11, you have got to be kidding me. Does it become automatic because it is the latest and greatest thing? NO. At least, not to my way of thinking anyway.

Flatulent Fuzz

Society or the Culture of Business?

The other day, a co-worker was telling me how my employer used to have someone attend the funerals of employees who had lost a family member (immediate family), without exception. However, they no longer do that.

Basically, it is at a supervisor's discretion, as to whether or not they attend the funeral.

I am pretty confident, that my employer is not the only one that follows that kind of policy.

My question is, is that more a reflection of society or of the culture of business?

Flatulent Fuzz