Thursday, June 11, 2009


Looking back, over the course of the last 40 years, haven't we as a society grown more apathetic? Perhaps, some of my more seasoned readers can share their thoughts on the last 40 years. I am a paltry 35 years old and perhaps, I am giving too much credit to the men and women of yesteryear.

I for one, am of the opinion that we have become more and more apathetic as a society. Considering my previous statement, would I be too far off base in assuming that the overall levels of apathy will continue to grow? Obviously, there are always hazards associated with assuming. Those hazards not withstanding, what kind of miracle is it going to take to shake us out of our current malaise?

Maybe, we aren't in need of a miracle at all. How bout a catalyst instead. I think, I am safe in saying that most people look outside of themselves for a miracle. A miracle being something that comes from a higher power. A catalyst, on the other hand, can be manufactured right inside one's own home. Better yet, right inside one's own home state.

The catalyst that I refer to is none other than a bonafide secession. Yes, I said a secession. Even the mere impetus of a legitimate secession could be enough to adequately shake the ground beneath our apathetic feet. But, for the purposes of this discussion, I am talking about a genuine secession and all of the back draft that would come from such a bold declaration. As to the ramifications of an actual secession, in terms of what the federal government might or might not do, well, we will have to leave that to another discussion.

The undercurrent of what I am saying is this. I don't believe that it is possible, without some sort of catalyst, for us to collectively come to a point where we can or will overcome our apathy and take back this country, which is rightfully ours. I for one, believe that our political process hit rock bottom several hundred miles back. And, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that feels this way. However, does it matter if our political process has hit rock bottom and we along with it, if we aren't prepared to do something about it? No. Which is exactly why we need this catalyst.

Secession might, at first glance, seem to be a bit of an extreme measure. Only a few years ago, I laughed out loud at the very mention of secession. In my mind, at that time, the very idea was ridiculous. But, after careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I was quite simply wrong. I would even say, that extreme times call for extreme measures. Except for the fact, that what we are talking about is not what I would label as extreme. Is it too extreme to think that you should alter the course of your travel, if you know that the road that you are traveling leads to imminent disaster? I would think not. I would think and I certainly hope, that to most people's way of thinking, that would be called survival.

I am deeply concerned for us all, if we have become so apathetic, that we cannot or will not, take the necessary steps to ensure our own future. I read somewhere that it is better to live one day as a lion, than ten thousand as a sheep (I can't remember where or I would give credit where credit is due) . I can't say that I disagree with that.

Flatulent Fuzz

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I challenge anyone to help me make sense of this....

Imagine a gentleman (and I use the term loosely), if you will. You can tell he is old school. He always has his clothing immaculately pressed. I mean, we are talking some serious creases. His hair, could survive a weeks worth of wind on top of Mount Everest. Although, if you threw him in the water, I suspect it would look like a spill from the Exxon Valdez. Seriously, at his age, there's no way that his hair could be jet black. Can you say Grecian formula. And, the icing on the cake is the moustache that matches the hair. Jet black too, and I believe that he is rocking a little wax in addition to the dye. Oh, I forgot to mention his boots. Those things are freshly polished every damn day. I have yet to be able to spot the slightest of scuffs on those bad boys.

Am I poking a little fun at the dude? Absolutely. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking pride in ones appearance. I actually happen to have a lot of respect for that kind of quality in a person. And that is exactly what makes this all the more hard to fathom.

On a number of occasions, I have been in the latrine at the same time as Mr. Crease and I have yet to see him adequately wash his hands. Let me be clear ladies and gents, there is only one way to adequately wash ones hands.

Although, I hope that this goes without saying. I will say it. On the off chance, that some Neanderthals have made their way to this illustrious blog. After all, I am here to educate and I'm not above educating someone on basic hygiene. For Mr. Crease and anyone else that may not know. That container (be it round, square, oval or whatever), on the wall, next to the sink houses a really cool invention called SOAP! And believe it or not, soap boasts an amazing ability to kill germs.

Germs, such as one might find in a public facility. Or, whenever he has been holding his dick and accidentally pisses on his hands. Or perhaps, when he/she is wiping and that cheap toilet paper, that we so often encounter in public facilities, has a blowout and your finger ends up touching something that you didn't intend for it to. Hell, even if the toilet paper doesn't break and you don't have to touch your dick to piss Pee Wee. Wash your FUCKING hands with soap! I don't care how immaculately you are dressed or how well kempt your hair. Wash your hands with soap.

I will finish by saying this. We really need to consider the fact that, at some point in time, someone felt compelled to start putting signs up in the restroom that say "please wash your hands." Does that bode well for society in general? What should we make of ourselves, if we can't even demonstrate the ability to apply the basic tenants of hygiene without being prompted.

Flatulent Fuzz