Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Legalize Marijuana?

An article on CNN, about legalizing marijuana use, really got me thinking about that subject. Well really, that got me thinking about alcohol v. marijuana. For the record, I'm not Rick James (b*tch) and I have never been "in love with Mary Jane." However, we did go out a couple of times or more. As for alcohol, I have had my share. In fact, I have had my share and the shares of a couple of other people over the years. Let me also state, that I am not a medical doctor (love doctor, but that is a topic for another post), nor do I have any vast knowledge on chemical dependency. Now that we have all of that out of the way..

My big question here is.... What exactly is the difference between marijuana and alcohol, as far as legalization goes. I haven't yet decided, which side of the legalization argument I fall on. Speaking from personal experience, I'm not sure that I can think of a drastic amount of difference between marijuana and alcohol. They are both mind altering substances. Abuse of either can have negative effects on ones mental and physical well being. Some will argue that marijuana is a gateway drug. I can only speak to that from personal experience. I have never done any other drugs. I am of the opinion, that you are always going to have people that are going to be experimenters. Now, that is not a justification for drug use. What I mean by that is, there are going to be people that will use marijuana and then move on to other "harder" drugs. By that same token, there are going to be people, like Rick James, that fall in love with Mary Jane. I really can't see how marijuana could be considered a gateway drug, but alcohol is not.

There was a time, of course, when alcohol was illegal. Some make the argument that we're wasting money arresting people that are using marijuana recreationally, for lack of a better term. I believe that that was one of the arguments posed, when it came time to legalize alcohol (I'm not 100% certain of that fact). I'm not sure that we can call that a valid argument. The fact is, right now, marijuana use is illegal. If someone is arrested while engaging in an illegal activity, then I can hardly consider that a waste of time.

Flatulent Fuzz

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Restroom Etiquette cont.....

Another entry in the on going saga of Restroom Etiquette....

This just in guys.... When you are "taking care of business," be it at the urinal or in the stall, it should not sound like you are working out. Unless, of course, you are actually lifting weights or something of that nature. Defecation, to be sure, is a time for quiet reflection. Obviously, there may be some snap, crackle or pop, from your instrument. However, there should not and I repeat should not be any grunting, straining or heavy breathing. If you are in the crapper and it sound like you are trying to bench 250, then there is a problem. If you have to make all that noise just to drop a terd, then I recommend you pay a visit to the doctor. Maybe, you should change up your diet. Or, I hear that fiber is a many splendored thing for the digestive tract. Finally, if none of the above works, then find a private toilet and feel free to make all the noise that you like.

Last, but not least.... I would like to address boogers and the bathroom. Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely. How is it that you are sitting on the toilet next to two rolls of toilet paper, but you find it necessary to wipe boogers on the walls of the stall??? God forbid you wipe that big ole green booger on a piece of toilet paper and drop it in the toilet where it belongs. As bad as that is... it gets worse.., if not slightly more humorous. There are boogers ,on the wall in front of the urinals, as well.

I say this with all sincerity and with complete confidence in my heterosexuality... I would pay to have a picture of the Neanderthal that is standing at the urinal, with his Johnson in one hand and a finger on the other hand up his nose. I would send that picture to MasterCard and tell them that that is priceless.

Flatulent Fuzz

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Rev.

The recent comments made, by Rev. Jesse Jackson, about Barack Obama have gotten my mental gears turning. For those that haven't read or heard the comments.. here's the link

The first thing that came to my mind, when I read those comments, was that that is awfully salty language for a Reverend to be using. Then, I began to wonder, what kind of Reverend uses that kind of language and should a Reverend be using that kind of language. I realize that nobody is perfect, but if a reverend can't hold himself to a higher standard, then who can?? After entertaining those thoughts, I was struck by another question. A much more important question, I think. Should a reverend be entertaining thoughts of physically harming another person? Whether those thoughts be public or private.

Even if he had used a more scientific dialogue to convey his sentiments, the sentiment remains the same.

Ultimately, my concern lies in the fact that a life long reverend would entertain such violent imagery. Do I think that he would actually follow through with those comments? No. Do I think that Reverend Jackson needs to hold himself to a higher standard, in public and in private, and set a better example? Yes.

Flatulent Fuzz

Saturday, July 5, 2008

UFC Tonight!!

Alright UFC fight fan's...... Get out your heavy chains and get ready to see a RAMPAGE!! Don't get me wrong. I like Forrest Griffin, but I think he is barking up the wrong tree tonight. Forrest is a good fighter and he has a ton of heart, but I don' think he is ready for the RAMPAGE. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching Rampage, then you are in for quite a treat. Put some popcorn in the microwave and get in your favorite recliner and get ready for some action. Pay special attention to the stare down, as the referee is explaining the rules... Rampage has one of the most intimidating pre-fight looks, that I have seen. Suffice it to say, I wouldn't want to meet him downtown in broad daylight, let alone in a dark alley. Hey, anything can happen in a fight. But, my gut tells me, there is going to be some howling, when this fight is over.

Flatulent Fuzz

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to all....

And dare I say to all, to take a little time out of your day to stop and think about what our independence means to us collectively, as well as individually. Independence is what defines our nation, but it should not be taken for granted. Our independence was gifted to us, through the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers. In light of that gift, it is incumbent upon each and every one of us, as citizens of the United States, to do our part to preserve our independence. We owe it to our forefathers, as well as ourselves and future generations. So, sometime between enjoying some food and fireworks. take a minute to stop and think what you have done or can do to preserve our greatest gift.

Flatulent Fuzz

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm Back...

The vacation is officially over, for the First Family of Flatulents. We drove nearly three thousand miles and while that is a lot of driving, it was well worth it. We visited Memphis, Tn., Chapel Hill, NC and Savannah, Ga. We enjoyed ourselves in each city, but I think Savannah was the city we enjoyed most. Unfortunately, we weren't able to stay as long as we would have liked. The scenery in eastern Tennessee and all over North Carolina was amazing. Savannah was equally as beautiful and had a lot of history to boot. Really, the only let down was coming home. There is no place like home and I can't argue with that, but the scenery at home just doesn't compare.

Flatulent Fuzz