Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I challenge anyone to help me make sense of this....

Imagine a gentleman (and I use the term loosely), if you will. You can tell he is old school. He always has his clothing immaculately pressed. I mean, we are talking some serious creases. His hair, could survive a weeks worth of wind on top of Mount Everest. Although, if you threw him in the water, I suspect it would look like a spill from the Exxon Valdez. Seriously, at his age, there's no way that his hair could be jet black. Can you say Grecian formula. And, the icing on the cake is the moustache that matches the hair. Jet black too, and I believe that he is rocking a little wax in addition to the dye. Oh, I forgot to mention his boots. Those things are freshly polished every damn day. I have yet to be able to spot the slightest of scuffs on those bad boys.

Am I poking a little fun at the dude? Absolutely. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking pride in ones appearance. I actually happen to have a lot of respect for that kind of quality in a person. And that is exactly what makes this all the more hard to fathom.

On a number of occasions, I have been in the latrine at the same time as Mr. Crease and I have yet to see him adequately wash his hands. Let me be clear ladies and gents, there is only one way to adequately wash ones hands.

Although, I hope that this goes without saying. I will say it. On the off chance, that some Neanderthals have made their way to this illustrious blog. After all, I am here to educate and I'm not above educating someone on basic hygiene. For Mr. Crease and anyone else that may not know. That container (be it round, square, oval or whatever), on the wall, next to the sink houses a really cool invention called SOAP! And believe it or not, soap boasts an amazing ability to kill germs.

Germs, such as one might find in a public facility. Or, whenever he has been holding his dick and accidentally pisses on his hands. Or perhaps, when he/she is wiping and that cheap toilet paper, that we so often encounter in public facilities, has a blowout and your finger ends up touching something that you didn't intend for it to. Hell, even if the toilet paper doesn't break and you don't have to touch your dick to piss Pee Wee. Wash your FUCKING hands with soap! I don't care how immaculately you are dressed or how well kempt your hair. Wash your hands with soap.

I will finish by saying this. We really need to consider the fact that, at some point in time, someone felt compelled to start putting signs up in the restroom that say "please wash your hands." Does that bode well for society in general? What should we make of ourselves, if we can't even demonstrate the ability to apply the basic tenants of hygiene without being prompted.

Flatulent Fuzz

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Call Me Mom said...

Good Point. The soap's not there to look pretty.
Nice to see you posting again.(I would prefer less profanity - but it's your blog and your conscience not mine.)