Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Day!

Every presidential election cycle, we get the same ole talk about a new day. Or "building a bridge to a new millennium" or" the end of politics as usual." I understand that this is the tried and true way of politics. However, this particular presidential election seems to be the same old sh*t times 100. Perhaps, the insane media coverage makes it seem that way?? The media not withstanding, these two candidates seem to be exactly the opposite of everything that they claim. How can we believe that Obama is the "change" that we can believe in, when he is running his campaign in that tried and true method that I spoke of earlier. I don't think it is a stretch to say that he and McCain are both far exceeding the absurd levels of he said/she said, that we have seen in campaigns of the past. I'm not surprised by the politics as usual. I am surprised, at the whole new level of hypocrisy that these two campaigns are reaching on a daily basis. If one is "change" and the other is a "maverick...." Then I say.... You can keep the change... and the only Mavericks I root for reside in the NBA!!

Flatulent Fuzz


Terry Morris said...

Each of us has his own reasons, I suppose, but I personally won't be voting for either candidate in the presidential election given the way things stand at this very moment in time.

To be perfectly honest, Obama, by virtue of being a leftist, could never even get as much as the mere consideration of voting for him from yours truly. The kind of "change" he represents I want absolutely no part of. McCain, on the other hand, I have considered based on his -- relative to Obama -- "conservative" positions. But in the end, he's just a liberal bleeding heart whose heart bleeds for causes which are detrimental and destructive of his own country. His campaign's motto "Country First" deeply offends me for various reasons I can't really get into right now.

Conservatism, as someone recently astutely observed at VFR, is partly about preserving certain traditions and so forth, and partly about restoring certain others that have been all but completely lost to us. Personally I feel that the latter, though vital to our country's survival, is completely lost on McCain, and that the former is almost completely lost on him. But any "change" that conservatives consider, they approach with a great deal of caution and thoughtfulness, another place where John McCain has fallen short ... because he's not a genuine conservative.

So essentially, given that one of these men is going to be elected president, I agree with the slogan on the bumper sticker, "We're screwed '08."

Call Me Mom said...

I think change should only be made for a specific purpose. To run on a platform of "change" in general is beyond foolish.

I want specifics and so should every American voter.
One has to wonder if the "change" espoused by these candidates is for the things that are running well, or the things that need to be fixed. (Of course that requires that a voter knows which bits of government are being run in a reasonably competent way. It's always about personal responsibility in the end.)